Music News: Rihanna reportedly going out on tour in 2024 behind new album

New music and a new tour are in the news on Friday.
Taylor Hill/GettyImages

The last time Rihanna released a full-length record was in 2016. Think about that for a second: 2016. So for most of a decade, Rihanna fans haven't had a whole lot of music to listen to. Have her fans found new artists to listen to and have left her behind? We could be about to find out.

The Barbadian-born star has been teasing an album tentatively called R9 for years. In fact, a fan account, so maybe takes this with a grain of salt, had a video of a dog jumping up and down and some words supposedly from Rihanna that read, "update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it."

So, first of all: Rude. Don't refuse to release music. a performer exists financially because of their fans and teasing new music by saying it isn't being released is just a waste of everyone's time. Secondly, Rihanna will reportedly put out a new album in 2024 and will also go on a world tour.

The world might get new Rihanna music in 2024

I do understand that she has been busy in 2023, of course. She and partner A$AP Rocky had their second child in August. So Rihanna hasn't had much time to do anything else this year, but in previous year's she did. Maybe that's when most of her new album was recorded?

One positive sign of a new album and new tour actually happening is that Entertainment Tonight reported that she signed a deal recently with Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster and other entities. Live Nation would expect a musical artist to actually make them money and to do that the artists must go out on tour. Therefore, it does seem Rihanna is about to hit the road next year.

And one good reason to tour is to back up a new record coming out. The hope is that somewhat early next year, Rihanna will produce her first album in eight years. And then she will tour. But that's just me being selfish.

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