The earth (Taylor's Version): More proof that Taylor Swift controls the world

The power of Taylor has no bounds.
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Eventually (I think!) the general public's obsession with Taylor Swift will wane. Who knows when that will be and even if her popularity does diminish somewhat, the amount of love she gets might still be higher than any other human's. Taylor Swift is simply everywhere a person turns currently, from showing up at Kansas City Chiefs games to watch her reported beau, Travis Kelce, play to Swift being in movie theaters.

And it's the theater part that is important in this article. What genius it was to take Swift's Eras tour performances and turn them into a film! Maybe it was Swift's idea because she is pretty good at writing songs, but she appears to be fantastically talented in terms of business acumen. That is a gift that people can use for good or evil.

And to be fair, while many might not rush out to buy a new Taylor Swift (or a re-recorded Swift album) the second it comes out - the two of you out there who don't do that, of course - we can all find some respect for her in that she does write her own songs and she wants to control the masters of the recordings and she tries to include people of all walks of life at her concerts. You might not like her music, but disliking her as a person would just seem weird.

Taylor Swift finds a new medium to dominate

Last weekend (October 13 through 15) at the box office in the UK and the United States (as well as Columbia and New Zealand), Taylor Swift destroyed the competition. In the U.S. alone the Eras tour film made almost $100 million. This past weekend, Swift was No. 1 again at the box office in the U.S. Her film has a very good chance of making enough money to be a top-ten film by the end of the year.

What other artist has that power? Movie studios are constantly seeking the next great idea (non-action hero-related, of course) that might turn into a mountain of money for them. Taylor Swift simply has to have someone video her performing a concert and zing! Worldwide the Eras movie has made $160,488,501 and that's just in 10 days.

Very likely, the film will have legs because Swifties are going to want to see the movie multiple times. There will be a bunch of people who are just intrigued and want to see what she is all about. But don't blame Swift for any potential overexposure as she is just working the proverbial system. At least she seems nice while she is doing so.

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