Rolling Stones 'Hackney Diamonds' heads for the top and closes a gap on The Beatles

The Rolling Stones head for the top and look to edge closer to The Beatles in the record books, with a little help from a friend…
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There’s been huge interest in The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds album in recent weeks as we waited for its release last Friday. That interest is being reflected commercially as the album heads for a number one spot in the charts. It also helps the band close a gap in the record books with The Beatles. 

If you haven’t listened to it yet or want to know more about the songs, there’s a great track by track review on here for you. The album is full of great sounds and has received very positive reviews and comments on social media. Many of those reckon the band are back to their best.

Now the UK Official Charts are reporting that the album is very firmly heading for the number one spot in the album charts. The reports note that the album is selling more than the rest of the top ten albums combined. Over the first weekend since its Friday launch, the UK charts recorded over 55,000 sales for the band’s long-awaited release. 

The Rolling Stones closing on The Beatles with Hackney Diamonds

Given the last Rolling Stones studio album was way back in 2005 with A Bigger Bang, fans and the band might have been forgiven if they thought their chance to close in on a record held by their rivals since the early days, The Beatles. This will be The Rolling Stones's 14th number-one album in the UK. That’s second only to the Fab Four who lead the way above everyone else with a record 15 number ones. 

Somewhat ironically Paul McCartney’s appearance playing bass on “Bite My Head Off”, one of the many acclaimed tracks on the new album. is helping The Rolling Stones close in. But could they catch up and equal that record? Or even overtake it? 

Well, it’s certainly possible. When writing and recording Hackney Diamonds there were apparently many more great songs laid down and recorded which could well feature in a quick follow-up. Again, McCartney is believed to have played on at least one more track. It looks like it’s not all over now for them after all. 

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