Sabrina Carpenter has the best response to Adele's comments about "Espresso"

Carpenter might soon be a part of your life as well.
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Sabrina Carpenter is ascending. She's been around for a bit, of course, but lately, she is growing into a fully mature pop star. The former Disney star and 25-year-old did not crack the UK top 20 until 2023's "Feather" and 2024's "Espresso" is now a global hit.

You might have caught Carpenter on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. She performed two songs, one of them "Espresso," and seemed on the cusp of completely understanding what she needed to do to get into the kind of realm Selena Gomez inhabits musically. Carpenter might be a ways off from Taylor Swift, but everyone is a ways off from Swift currently (and, likely, historically).

You might have heard "Espresso" and it might have gotten stuck in your head. The song is, admittedly, quite infectious. In fact, you don't even need to drink espresso to understand the tune or to fail to fall asleep while the track plays over and over in your mind. It's sugary pop sweetness and not at all dangerous. That does not make the track unworthy, though.

Sabrina Carpenter gets Adele's attention

One person who has taken full notice of Sabrina Carpenter is Adele. Mother Adele is currently still in residency in Las Vegas doing her Weekends with Adele gigs. She is forever entertaining even if one does not like her songs all that much. Adele appears to just be an honest and real human being, unlike some of the pop fluff the general public is sold.

In other words, if Adele mentions someone that is because the pop diva has a true interest. She told an audience in Las Vegas recently, "As I got into bed last night, because (it) was a very late night for me, I found myself singing ‘I’m working late, 'cause I’m a singer’, that Sabrina Carpenter song - that song is my jam!"

Carpenter heard of Adele's comments and took to social media to respond and said, "all i read was Adele thinks about me in bed <3". Classic and classically funny.

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One wonders what Carpenter might do with her new fame. Perhaps she will change route and make a black metal album next. That is unlikely, though, and her fans should be happy she is what she is.

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