Selena Gomez gets fearless by posting 'real' photo on social media

Gomez went without makeup on a recent Instagram post.
Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Social media can be a strange and terrible place. But the world of pop can also be a scene where everything goes by script. Music fans do not always know what is true or not; we only know what we are being sold. It's up to us to either buy or not, but either way, the entertainment industry will continue on until it finds something we will purchase.

With Selena Gomez, however, we seem to get more realness from the artist than maybe some others. She has been open about her battle with mental illness and struggling with thoughts of suicide. She hopefully has helped others as much as she has been able to help herself.

Whether it is right or wrong, some people are inspired by pop singers and want to emulate them. Gomez understands this and founded Wondermind. According to the website, the site is "an ecosystem to destigmatize mental health for all."

Selena Gomez is not afraid to show her "real" face on social media

Gomez does stay extremely busy with other things, of course. She sings, acts (she is excellent on Only Murders in the Building if you have yet to watch that series), and founded Rare Beauty which is described as products that "make to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique. 1 percent of all sales go to support mental health."

But Gomez did something else rare recently. She took a black-and-white selfie of her face without makeup and shared it on her Instagram account. This, obviously, might not be ground-breaking, but it's still important. Celebrities sometimes do not seem real and maybe some of them like that. It gives them a sense of distance from their fans.

But Selena Gomez has always wanted to feel a closer kinship with her adoring fans and appearing without makeup makes her seem more, well...real. This is likely why she captioned the photo with that word as well. Maybe some musicians and celebrities are not worth your attention, but Gomez certainly seems to be.

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