Senses Fail and Saves The Day announce tour together

20 years of 'Let It Enfold You' and 25 years of 'Through Being Cool'
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On May 17, both Saves The Day and Senses Fail posted the same video on their social media outlets. The skeleton man that appears in the later eras of Senses Fail - if you are a fan of the band, you will know the reference - sitting on the couch recreating Saves The Day's second album cover, Through Being Cool. The video continues with the skeleton man walking to the bathroom, putting his hand on the mirror in a fashion that recreates the Let It Enfold You cover art.

As he does this, the sound moves to playing the opening track to the album "Tie Her Down." The video was portending something was coming, obviously, and the pieces were quickly put together. That something ended up being a tour with Sense Fail and Saves The Day.

The tour is called New Jersey vs. The World and was announced on May 21. The shows kick off in Austin, Texas, on November 5 and run through the bottom of the U.S., including Florida and Georgia, and go through New York and Canada before traveling all through the midwest out to California, ending the run on December 8 in Arizona. 

Senses Fail and Save The Day announce joint tour

Saves The Day will be playing their album Through Being Cool in its entirety throughout the whole tour. It is a proper classic and a staple of pop-punk. Every millennial into that style of music likely remembers this album. The record includes songs like "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic," "Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots," and "Shoulder To The Wheel." There will certainly be a sense of nostalgia while these songs are played. The audience might feel as if they are being transported back to 1999 when these songs were getting played on a loop. 

September 7, 2004, Senses Fail released their first full-length album, Let It Enfold You. That was twenty years ago this year, so it is fitting and exciting that we get a tour with the band playing this album in its entirety. I've written about this album before, including it as one of the best albums of the early 2000s.

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I wore this CD and the DVD out because I played them both so much. Songs like "Choke On This," "Buried A Lie," "Bite To Break Skin," and the title track are excellent. I even have the words "Let It Enfold You" as a tattoo.

Join the bands as they take us back in time to wherever you were when we blasted these albums for the first time through our stereos. Both are some of the best bands to do it, and the energy is unmatched. VIP tickets are on sale now, including several levels of perks in the packages. For those not getting VIP, the general on sale is Thursday, May 23 at 9 am PST/12 pm EST.

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