Seven great but overlooked albums from the 1980s 

It’s time to revisit the 1980s and dig out some albums that you may have missed or forgotten. These seven from that decade are well worth hearing.
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Lloyd Cole And The Commotions first two albums

Here’s a couple of albums from the same band. Lloyd Cole And The Commotions formed in Glasgow in the early eighties. It was a heady time for new bands in Scotland and this group was one of those at the forefront of whatever new tartan wave was going on then. Despite that and some chart success for the record and some singles, the two albums only sold around 100k each. 

The debut album Rattlesnakes came out in 1984 and had lots of positive acclaim. Several critics rated it highly, some referring to it as one of the best debut albums. Cole brought a poetry style to his writing, influenced by Bob Dylan amongst others. His vocal style is pretty distinctive too, quavering and almost shy sounding at times. But that works so well over this mix of songs. 

As is often the case the title track “Rattlesnakes” is one of the standout tracks but didn't bring much chart success. The first single “Perfect Skin” runs it close, it reached number 13 on the UK charts. The second single from the album “Forest Fire” is different from the other two as a ballad, but a great example of the band's music. 

Their second album Easy Pieces is overshadowed somewhat by Rattlesnakes. It probably has that slightly rushed second-album feel in places. So why mention it here? 

Easy Pieces is still a good album. It had a couple of great singles on it too. And if you are here reading about the band and thinking you might have a listen, then these are very much worth adding to your playlist too. I love the great intro on “Lost Weekend” and its upbeat pace, while the slower “Brand New Friend” also has the lush tones of the music and that vocal style from Cole at its best.