Seven live albums from the 1970s that should be ignored

If you want to hear the best live albums from the 1970s, you’ll need to know which others you can skip past.
These live albums from the 1970s you can just ignore.
These live albums from the 1970s you can just ignore. / Tom Hill/GettyImages
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Elton John - Here And There

This is both a disappointing album and a fantastic one. It's a "please avoid" and a "must listen." The reason for those conflicting and contrasting views is very simple. The first and shorter version of the album is pretty dull and concise. An extended version released in the 1990s is far superior for several reasons.

The original album was released in 1976 and featured Elton John playing live in two concerts, one on each side of the album. He was playing here and there, with here being the Royal Festival Hall in London. And there is New York's Madison Square Garden, both in 1974. The album is a single disc with nine tracks. Five from London and four from New York. All the signs of another contract filler.

Then came a much warmer and more fan fulfilling extended version in the 1990s. Here And There was now a double album. Still following the same premise of covering the London gig, now on one disc and New York on the second disc rather than side. Nine tracks went to 22, and more hits and favorites were included.

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Perhaps most notably, the New York disc also features Elton playing live with a special guest on stage, John Lennon. The pair covered three Beatles numbers on the album. A great use of extending an album. Some touching moments with the two stars. That first simple nine-song-long album has been properly sidetracked and overtaken.

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