Seven unworthy songs that should have never won a Best Song Oscar

These tracks should have been winners.

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Winner: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”
Should have won: "The Circle of Life"

Everyone knew a song from The Lion King was going to win this award in 1994. Three of its songs were nominated. The other two nominees were mediocre. So the only question was which Elton John/Tim Rice composition would get the nod.

Sadly, Oscars voters chose the worst of the three. I suppose that if you are a fan of sappy, orchestral love songs, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is a decent entry. There’s nothing wrong with it, provided you have no issues with anthropomorphized lions falling in love.

The irresistibly upbeat “Hakuna Matata” is a better song and fits better into the movie. But even that should not have won.

The opening song, “The Circle of Life,” is one of the greatest openers in any movie. It is an epic number that instantly plunges the viewer into a new and strange world, and it is paired perfectly with its groundbreaking (for its time) visuals that accomplish the same thing. The love song may have its day as a brief radio hit, but “Circle of Life” is not only a better song – it is a better movie song.