Six incredibly fantastic debut albums from the 1970s

These weren’t all on the top sellers list in the 1970s, but they are amazingly good debut albums and signaled much more to come from the artists. 

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The Cars - The Cars

A switch in style now, but yet another self-titled and outstanding debut disc. This one from The Cars was very successful, six times platinum in the US, up to number 18 in the Billboard 200 and 139 weeks in that chart. A number 29 position in the UK, double platinum in both Australia and Canada, and platinum in New Zealand. A triumphant success all around.

The Cars took on power pop and added in synths and lots of rock guitar to make an exciting blend of alt-rock. Released in June 1978 the album showcased new wave music superbly. They had Roy Thomas Baker as producer, fresh from his success with Queen’s first four albums. Baker had signed up to produce four albums for the band after seeing them live in a Boston school gymnasium. That must have been some gig! 

This first album had three hit singles including "Just What I Needed", "My Best Friend's Girl", and "Good Times Roll”, but there were other standout tracks like “Bye Bye Love” an old favourite written a few years earlier and “Moving In Stereo” which were both well-known songs at the time. Lead guitarist Elliot Easton rated the album highly, referring to it being like their greatest hits. There were plenty of other hits to follow, but this was an amazing and very successful album, especially as a debut.

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