Six live albums from the 1980s you should avoid

Some live albums just don’t work, even if they come from top artists. Some people may disagree with this list but these six are best avoided.
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Yes - 9012Live: The Solos

The title here offers enough of a clue to the album to raise question marks and worries. Yes had seen success from their 1983 album 90125, Jon Anderson was back in the band and there was even a rare single hit, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” from it. The album tour in 1984 led to the recording of this live release, 9012Live: The Solos. 

Another live album to ride in the back of the latest version of the band and their rejuvenated success doesn’t sound like the worst idea. But it took a weird turn as someone had what they must have thought was a better idea. The focus switched from the whole band live to a series of tracks featuring solos from the then-five members of Yes. They did include a couple of whole band songs taken from the 90125 album, but neither has much new to add as a live version.

There are some very decent quality performances on the album, Chris Squire and Alan White combine extremely well at times. And it’s always good to hear Anderson’s voice. But while the album may be interesting to some fans, on the whole, it's a dull disappointment for most. If you had been at the tour gigs, then it could act as a neat souvenir and the songs and solos have a bit more meaning. That's not a good enough reason to stick this in your record collection or playlist though.

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