Six live albums from the 1980s you should avoid

Some live albums just don’t work, even if they come from top artists. Some people may disagree with this list but these six are best avoided.
Tom Petty
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Eagles - Live

This album from the Eagles was probably up against it from the off. Firstly, I’ve never really seen them as a magnificent live act. If you want to see accomplished musicians, tight harmony vocals, and a strong lineup on stage, maybe. But if you want the buzz, liveliness, and atmosphere of a live gig, they're probably not the right act to see. 

Add in that the word live in the title is awkward as to a great extent this album put the band very much in the dead and over category. More of a Blue Parrott than an Eagle if that rings a bell for you. By the time this was released as an album, their first live one, in 1980, the breakup process for the group was well underway. 

Some of the album tracks for this were recorded in 1976, others date from 1980. The band's lineup had changed in that period. Some band members were involved in bitter feuds with other Eagles. Glenn Frey didn't seem to be talking to anyone else. The post-production seems to have been a nightmare process with the band in different locations. It’s often quoted that the album liner notes thank five different lawyers. So much for those close harmonies. 

Putting all those troubles aside, what about the music? Well, it's pretty ok if you like the Eagles style. It’s polished, perhaps over so, it's accomplished as you'd expect. The songs sound as good as, and very similar to their studio versions. So what’s the point of the album is the main question. A contractual obligation is the top answer.

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