Six outstanding live hard rock albums from the 1990s

It’s another great decade for live albums. Here are six that will rock your world, with a couple extra that you might want to miss out.
AC/DC's Angus Young
AC/DC's Angus Young / Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/GettyImages
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AC/DC - Live (1992)

The Australian band's second live album came out in 1992. Their first If You Want Blood You’ve Got It was way back in 1978, in the early days of the band’s success. A lot has changed in between but AC/DC were still rocking hard and having fun. 

The biggest difference of course was Brian Johnson on vocals after Bon Scott passed away back in 1980. Johnson was well established after all those years and gives a fine performance across Live. As do the rest of the band, notably Angus Young with his amazing guitar work throughout. 

There could be concerns that a second live album is a contract filler or a rushed piece of work. The time was right for another from the band and Live delivers excellently over its two discs. This is a great example of the band's stagecraft. 

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Weld (1991)

This 1991 double live album came from Neil Young and Crazy Horse as they toured their 1990 Ragged Glory album. Some issues came with a third disc, Arc. That one was probably for collectors and deep fans of Young, it was 35 minutes of distortion, feedback, some vocals, and other assorted noises. It’s one of two on this list to give a miss to.

But worry not, Weld itself is not one to miss. It’s loud, grungey, and pretty full-on. There are some excellent versions of the newer songs from Ragged Glory, perhaps even better than the album tracks. Not to mention a 14 minute “Like A Hurricane” which is classic Young and Crazy Horse. I’d rate Weld as their best live album.

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