Six psychedelic rock albums that deserve more love

Disgraced, abandoned, forgotten...
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When you mention psychedelic music to any fan of modern pop or rock music, the first thing that comes to mind is psychedelic, or psych rock of the second part of the sixties and early seventies. The general idea is that it was the music created under the influence or inspired by the use of psychedelic drugs, that became widely popular at the time.

Yet, as researchers note, the connection between any form of psychedelics and music has existed from the time humans discovered those as such. Music was the best guiding light, or guiding sound for that matter. Of course, that connection exists to this day, as does psych rock, both in its prime time sixties form or a wide variety of modernized forms. 

Now, there are so many great psych rock albums in existence that got the wide recognition they deserved for their imagination, quality, and inspiration from the inevitable ones, like The Beatles with their key albums like Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to Jimi Hendrix and his first three albums, The Doors and their first threesome, and many others.

Six extremely underrated psychedelic rock albums

Still, there are a number of psych-rock gems that were simply passed by, neglected by a wider audience, becoming the stuff of cult fandom, or even brushed aside by the artists that actually created them. Some even didn’t see the light of the day at the time they were supposed to.

Here are six personal psych rock favorites that just deserve wider attention then they got so far.