Six stunning one-hit wonders from the 1970s

These were all memorable hits back in the 1970s, but somewhat surprisingly they weren't followed up by more from the same artist.
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Sniff ‘n The Tears - Drivers Seat

Now for what is a really great song from an unusually named band. Their name has no great mysterious meaning behind it. The band's manager based it on singer and writer Paul Roberts as he had hay fever and sniffed a lot!

The song has a great beat and chorus line, plenty of guitars, electric and acoustic, and a Moog solo, which stands up pretty well even now. An extended 12” version added a bit more of a techno drumbeat and is worth a listen to. There may be some hidden meaning in the song title, if not the band name. “Driver’s Seat” is all about broken relationships. According to writer Roberts anyway.

The song was a bit of a slow burner in many ways. It first started to appear back in 1973 on an early demo tape by the band. It resurfaced on their album Fickle Heart recorded when they signed to the Chiswick Label in 1978. It was 1979. Before the sing started to chart and hit its peaks, number one in The Netherlands, top twenty in the US, Canada,  Australia, and New Zealand while getting up to number 42 in the UK. It also featured in the soundtrack to the 1997 movie Boogie Nights.