Six stunning one-hit wonders from the 1970s

These were all memorable hits back in the 1970s, but somewhat surprisingly they weren't followed up by more from the same artist.
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David Dundas - Jeans On

Are you ready for a bit of British aristocracy and fashion history? This song released in October 1976 covers all of that and shows the power of advertising. In the UK the song was used in adverts to promote Brutus Jeans, a UK denim brand that went on to outsell both Levi and Wrangler jeans. 

I ought to use the singer’s titled name here, he was Lord David Dundas. His title as a Lord is absolutely genuine and came from his father the 3rd Marquess of Zetland. It wasn’t used on the record though, perhaps out of keeping with the young, trendy, and fashionable Brutus brand. Dundas didn't have any further single hits but did go on to have success as an actor. He also co-wrote the musical score for the British hit movie Withnail and I.

“Jeans On” was co-written by Dundas. It's a bright, sunny, pop tune that brings back great memories of those late 1970s years whenever it is played, and that Brutus jeans brand.  Proving the power of a great song in an advert. 

The underlying tune was extensively sampled for Fatboy Slim’s “Sho Nuff”, the B side to his 1998 hit “Praise You”. “Jeans On” though had already achieved its own chart success in the 1970s while boosting denim sales. Number three in the UK, 17 in the US, and top twenty placings around Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.