The Snuts go independent for new single and third album 'Millennials'

The Snuts take a huge step forward with their new releases
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Scottish indie band The Snuts have just announced their next album is coming out on February 23, 2024. They've got a new single out now too.  Both releases come as the band take control of their music after leaving Parlophone records earlier this year and setting up their own label.

Formed back in 2015 as schoolmates in West Lothian, Scotland, the band have grown to become a top live act over those years. 2022 saw them open shows as support for Kings Of Leon, Louis Tomlinson and The Kooks. That followed the success of their debut album W.L. released in 2021 which reached number one in the UK album charts.

It’s never a good sign when a band are arranging an online campaign to persuade their record company to release their second album sooner. That's what happened with The Snuts and Parlophone with second album Burn The Empire. It was released earlier than scheduled in September 2022 and reached number three in the UK album charts. But the dispute was indicative of things to come for the band and their record label. 

The Snuts announce new album and release new single

As Rolling Stone magazine reports, the band wouldn't have been happy to continue with Parlophone.

"When we first signed a record deal the landscape of recording, making, promoting and sharing music was so different. But by the time it got to the idea of making another record in 2023 with a major label, it felt like this wasn’t really what we’d signed up for, you know. We’d had a few kind of shouting matches and, you know, and a lot of the conversation coming from the major label side wasn’t right.

Jack Cochrane, The Snuts

That led to the setting up of their own independent label, Happy Artist Records, on which they will release their third album Millennials in February. Before then there’s already been a single “Gloria” from the forthcoming album, released earlier this year. Next up is “Deep Diving” released November 27. 

It's a big step for the band, but they will get a huge backing from fans with a couple of gigs at the famous Glasgow Barrowlands just after the album release. That's a great venue with a lively atmosphere which should help celebrate the launch of Millennials.

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