Social media slams Kanye West for ridiculous 'performance' at Rolling Loud fest

Fans were disappointed by Kanye's recent mess.
Scott Dudelson/GettyImages

One might rightfully start to wonder if Kanye West signed a record deal early in his career that he came to hate and has for many years tried to get out of by doing outrageous things that appear non-sensical and turn off many of his fans. From his political attempts to his awards shows fiascos to his wars with more excellent musicians (such as Ozzy Osbourne and Taylor Swift), West seems to just want to annoy. The problem is that his fans do not deserve that.

After all, no musician, unless independently wealthy of which none of their money comes from music, earns a living without having people that want to buy their records, merchandise, and concert tickets. We should be appreciative of people who make great music because that is a gift many of us do not have. But disrespecting fans is unfair and mean.

The musicians need to be appreciative as much of fans as we are of them. More musical artists are. Taylor Swift clearly is. So are bands such as Kiss and Slipknot. But Kanye West? Not so much.

Kanye West disrespects his fans...again

At this past weekend's Rolling Loud festival, West came on stage, did basically nothing, and got paid. Fans in attendance were not pleased. They had a right not to be as they had spent their money partially to see West only to have him, for all intents and purposes, not show up.

But the rage of West's awfulness did not stop at the venue. Fans took to social media to voice their opinions. They clearly were affected.

Scammed is a word often used to describe West's "performance." Just a shame he does not appear to have any respect for the people who have allowed him to earn his living.

Ty Dolla Sign got his with some flack here too. I guess it was guilt by associated by working with West.

Unfortunately, festivals are not likely to give money back. That is especially true if a person used their ticket and just did not like what they saw.

West might have "performed" but he obviously did not want to. Scam alert: Next time don't buy a ticket to see West waste your money.

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