Three fantastic bands tipped for greater success in 2024

These three bands could make it really big in 2024.

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Raye’s amazing success at the Brit Awards 2024 will have helped inspire new artists and bands. She picked up an amazing and record-breaking six Brit awards earlier this month.  Amongst her awards were Best New Act and Artist Of The Year.  

Raye’s second album, My 21st Century Blues released in February 2023, has been the catalyst for her amazing success in the last 12 months, as recognised by those six Brit trophies. Many other artists will be hoping they can find the right way to trigger their own path to glory. Perhaps via a new album like Raye, or an amazing live tour, a TV appearance, or some mix of all of those. 

Inevitably there are lots of potential artists all looking for their big chance to make a real breakthrough. That success of course often comes on many levels. They can’t all become major worldwide artists and huge iconic stars.

These three bands could be in for massive success in 2024

But there is scope for many to be amongst the top artists, selling millions of albums and performing in front of huge crowds.  So who should we be looking out for in 2024? Who could stake their claim and become a major artist, able to be headliners at large venues or festivals? 

Here are three potentially huge artists all at different stages and levels and hoping for more success. They are all on a trajectory to achieve even more this year one way or another. All look to have what's needed to be among the very top bands. If you don't know them already, listen to them now.