Superhero Taylor Swift turns from pop star to firefighter

In a recent interview with Billboard, budding pop star Gracie Adams spoke about the time Swift (literally) put out a fire.
Taylor Swift in Wales
Taylor Swift in Wales / Shirlaine Forrest/TAS24/GettyImages

Taylor Swift appears to be a sensible person who keeps her calm when all else might be chaos. How else can one describe a career that has seen Swift go from country-pop star to ruler of the universe? One is not making that leap without self-awareness and cool under pressure. Swift seemingly did it with ease.

Plus, as it turns out, Swift can take the heat. Literally. In a recent interview with Billboard, budding pop star Gracie Abrams revealed a time when she and Swift were hanging out at Swift's home and there was a sudden noise. Swift thought at first that the noise might have been one of her cats, but instead, the sound was coming from a crackling and unwanted fire.

Instead of calling the fire department or, as I would have, just started screaming, Swift jumped into action, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and doused the blaze. All of this happened after several drinks, according to Abrams, so even drunk Taylor is capable of more greatness than the rest of us mere mortals.

Taylor Swift knows how to write a song and put out a fire

The night was apparently not all a lost cause, however. Before turning into a firefighter, Swift helped Abrams write a song called "Us" which is a single off of Abrams' new album, The Secret of Us, which is set to be released on Friday. Swift is also featured on the track so music fans can bet that the single will sell loads.

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This is especially true in New Zealand, most likely. Oddly, while Abrams is American - her father is film director J.J. Abrams and her mother is film and television producer Katie McGrath - her singles do comparatively best among Kiwis. Abrams has released over 20 singles since 2019, but only two have charted in the United States (three in the UK), but six have appeared on the New Zealand Hot Singles chart.

In other words, the next time Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams are touring in New Zealand, Swift might need to open for Abrams. Though to be fair, 38 of Swift's singles have charted in New Zealand.

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