Taylor Swift fans greatly overreact to a glance in the camera from Jason Kelce

It does not take much for Swifties to react to new about Taylor Swift but Kelce's recent look is no reason to get crazy.
Jason Kelce makes a look and Swifties overreact
Jason Kelce makes a look and Swifties overreact / PATRICK T. FALLON/GettyImages

A glance is all it takes. Just a nod might elicit an implication that one might misinterpret as the beginning or end of the free world. We can blame this on Jason Kelce talking about Adam Sandler films and how they nearly illogically relate to Taylor Swift. To be fair, though, in 2024, everything relates to Taylor Swift.

Here was the issue. On a recent episode of the podcast New Heights that Jason does with his brother, Travis (you know Travis Kelce, right?; he is the boyfriend/husband/partner of Ms. Swift - or is it Mrs.?), the brothers were discussing favorite characters from Sandler films. This is the NFL offseason, so what are two brothers going to talk about other than non-football bits?

Perhaps Adam Sandler's most famous film is The Wedding Singer, a funny flick about, well...you get it. In naming his favorite Sandler characters, Travis said, "It's either Bobby Boucher (a Waterboy reference) orThe Wedding Singer." (To be clear, Sandler's character in The Wedding Singer is named Robbie Hart.)

One look from Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift fans are abuzz

Jason responded immediately that he "thought of The Wedding Singer for you" while looking into the camera. Swifties on social media appeared to take this as some kind of sign from the gods that possibly Travis had either married Taylor Swift or was planning to. Most likely, in reality, Jason was just having a bit of fun and aware of the fact that anything he did in relation to Travis and Swift would set Swifties abuzz.

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If Swift and Travis Kelce are to marry, that is their business, of course. Tickets will not be available either. Also, Swifites have their own lives and are not living Swift's life. One hopes most of the Swifties know that.

Maybe we should just relish in the fact that the Kelce's have a great sense of awareness and humor. They know a hint there or an implication here will cause the earth's temperature to rise. Good for them.

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