Taylor Swift adds Disney+ bonus in incredible week for Swifties

Even more exciting news for Taylor Swift fans has been revealed this week.
Buda Mendes/TAS23/GettyImages

It’s been some week or so for Taylor Swift and her fans. She’s always in the headlines one way or another. But the last few days have been exceptional. Now there is even more fantastic news for all the Swifties out there.

Her record breaking Grammy Awards on Sunday were combined with the announcement of her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, out on April 19. She is expected to make an appearance as a fan at the Super Bowl LVIII this coming weekend. She’ll have to fly in from Japan to do so as she has only just restarted her The Era’s Tour again at the Tokyo Dome. 

And it’s that tour where Disney+ and a bonus for fans comes in. Disney have just revealed that Swift’s concert movie, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, will be streaming exclusively online via their Disney+ channel from March 15. That continues the existing association between Swift and Disney for her Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions documentary, which included all 17 songs from that 2020 album. 

Taylor Swift adds that extra bonus for fans

What about that bonus I mentioned though? The film of The Eras Tour has been showing in cinemas and other online streamers.  When it becomes exclusive on Disney+ it will include five additional tracks to those on previous versions. One has already been confirmed as “Cardigan”, a live favorite and a track from her Folklore album. 

There is speculation over the other four tracks. On social media one top fan account has added their view. @Swifterupdates has listed “Maroon”, “You Are In Love”, “I Can See You” and “Death By A Thousand Cuts” to join “Cardigan“ as the extra bonus for fans in the new streaming movie version.

Next up for Swift are a couple more concert dates in Tokyo, that long jet flight to reach Las Vegas and then supporting Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Her fans have new songs on an album in April. And the additional songs on the movie via Disney+ in March. But after all that’s happened this week, they’ll be wondering just what more there might be to come. 

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