Taylor Swift and Blake Lively break the internet with a single photo

A photo can say a million words.
Gareth Cattermole/GettyImages

One might wonder if Taylor Swift has a body double because she somehow seems to be everything everywhere all at once. She performs in Brazil, watches boyfriend Travis Kelce play for his Kansas City Chiefs and shows up in London for movie premieres. She did that this week when she traveled to help her friend, Beyonce, sell Beyonce's new concert film, Renaissance.

While there, Taylor Swift rubbed elbows with other famous friends, but was anyone bigger than Swift? Unlikely. There might not have been anyone ever who is bigger than Taylor Swift is right at this minute. When she isn't setting records for the largest grossest concert film ever for her Eras Tour concert movie, or becoming the most-awarded person at the Billboard Music Awards, she is likely planning and then perfectly executing other ways of setting records and selling records.

But one photo Swift took with her friend Blake Lively - perhaps the better half of Ryan Reynolds though Reynolds seems to be a pretty good person, too - destroyed social media. Whoever took the photo of the two deserves a million dollars because the picture is well-shot, intriguing, slyly sexual, and classy all at once.

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively destroy the internet

But to be fair, the photo, which you can see below, is also classic Taylor Swift (and probably Blake Lively as well). Both ladies are dressed well and more photogenic than most humans ever could be, but there is a playful aspect as well. Swift and Lively look serious, but they are also just having fun.

Perhaps the best part is that they are obviously friends and enjoying being friends. We should all have friends we feel so relaxed with. Though with my goatee, I likely would look a tiny bit strange in a dress.

Or heck, maybe not. One also might wonder what is in the drink because when it comes to Taylor Swift we want to know everything, right? And she mostly lets us into her world as well unlike few other artists have ever done.

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