Taylor Swift: Eras Tour film coming to streaming and Swift-themed Christmas lights

  • Where will Era Tour concert film be streaming?
  • A Swiftie's house is insane with Christmas lights

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert film has done an incredible $248,956,030 at the global box office through this past weekend - by far the most ever for a concert film. The nearly three-hour film drew a bunch of repeat views which grew the box office. I mean, if you could not make it to see Swift in concert, the next best thing was to see the movie, right?

Well, soon you won't even need to go to your local movie theater to watch the film. Taylor Swift's birthday is on December 13 and to celebrate her birthday, she and AMC have announced that the Eras Tour film will be available for rent on various streaming outlets. Those include Apple TV, Prime Video, Xfinity, and YouTube, among others.

The streaming option will only be available in the United States and Canada beginning December 13 with other nations to follow at some point. There appears to be no option to buy the concert film in December, though. One might think that would be a good option before Christmas, but that is just a wild guess. The other reason the film might not be available for streaming in Japan, for example, is that Taylor Swift is still scheduled to tour there in early 2024.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour film coming soon to your house

There will be three additional songs on the streaming format that were not included in the theater version. These include "Wildest Dreams," "The Archer," and "Long Live." Adding these would have caused the film to run even longer which would have caused fewer screenings and fewer overall dollars from people seeing the film in theaters.

In other Taylor Swift news, the Scott household in Napierville, Illinois decided to go all-in with a Swift-themed Christmas display this year. The lights in their yard and on their house (of which there are lots) include displays of Swift album covers and also one of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on their roof. I can only imagine their electric bill.

The Scotts said they got the idea from the Eras Tour concert film and their children were OK with it. In the video above, however, I do not hear any Taylor Swift music. One has to have the music going, too, right?

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