Taylor Swift will reportedly boost the UK economy soon and here is by how much

Swift will kick off the UK leg of her tour in June.
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Taylor Swift knows how to make it rain. Not literally, of course, though she might know that as well. Instead, she knows how to make a lot of money, and in turn, that makes a lot of money for global economies as well. Wherever Taylor Swift goes, so do Swifties, obviously, and that means an increase in everything.

For instance, during Swift's Eras Tour dates in Singapore, the nation's Gross Domestic Product by .2 percent. While that doesn't sound like a large number that equates to an increase in the economy by $200 million. This was due to the popularity of a pop singer, mind you, and that is unbelievably effective.

According to British business magazine Business Matters, Swift's 15 concerts in the UK beginning in June will boost the British economy by one billion pounds which is a bit over $1.25 billion. Again, that is over just 15 gigs. Business Matters expects Swifties to spend an average of about $1,000 per person with that money spread over concert tickets, lodgings, food, and merchandise.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is set to help the UK economy

Swift will be performing in London for eight of those dates and the city is already robust and does not need Swift there to help build the economy. The same cannot be said of places such as Cardiff, however. Swift being a boon to the Welsh economy is going to help a lot of business owners long-term.

Business Matters breaks down (in pounds) what they expect the average person to spend their money on:

£121 on accommodation
£110 on transport
£78 on official merchandise
£60 on a pre-concert meal
£56 on a new outfit
£216 on additional costs such as alcohol, unofficial merchandise, CDs, LPs, and friendship bracelets

It is odd that Business Matters specifically mentions "friendship bracelets" instead of just jewelry in general. I guess Swifties love their bracelets. There is nothing wrong with that.

Taylor Swift became a billionaire last year. She is certainly a shrewd businessperson, but she also knows how to build a personal connection with her fans. How long her reign will last as pop queen is anyone's guess, but her time at the top does not seem to be ending any time soon.

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