Taylor Swift even eats a bug better than most people

Scott Legato/TAS23/GettyImages

Taylor Swift is an idiom in herself which has no bounds, of course, but even a bug cannot disrupt a recent performance. In fact, some fans (jokingly!) even talked about how the bug can meet T Swift but they cannot. To be fair, the bug was an uninvited guest who didn't even buy a ticket.

And by the way, don't buy TMZ's "wild choking attack" article. Swift, always the epitome of calm, did not choke. In fact, fans might have been confused by why Swift stopped mid-song to slightly wretch, put her hand over her face before saying - again, extremely calmly and poised - "Swallowed a bug, I’m so sorry! I’ll be fine, it’s just that I’m so stupid. Oh, delicious. Oh, God. Is there any chance that none of you saw that? It’s fine, it’s all… it’s… I swallowed it."

It might be a minor thing to swallow some protein while you are singing at your gig in front of tens of thousands, but it's the way Swift handled it all that makes us love her, right? She seemed so normal. Swift didn't dismiss the situation or act like it was completely gross she basically said, "I swallowed a bug, as one does."

Taylor Swift swallows a bug just like the rest of us

Heck, even Stereogum pointed out, "This is probably a slightly more Diane Keaton-esque version of how many of us would react if we accidentally swallowed insects while performing tasks that we could absolutely not stop doing." And they, of course, are completely correct.

If one of us was signing a hit song in front of a throng of fans how composed might we stay? I, for one, would probably run off the stage with my mic still on, say some kind of expletive, brush my teeth, drink some kind of liquid, and then return to the stage like nothing happened. And it will all be a lie. But Taylor Swift doesn't lie.

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In fact, Swift seems so much "one of us" that people will go to any lengths to defend her, most likely. Not that many people have to. Taylor Swift is simply a cool person who has weird things happen to her - like a bug that she accidentally inhales onstage - just as they happen to us normal mortals.