Taylor Swift everywhere: Steps out in NYC, controls Argentina and misses Germany

We all live in a Taylor Swift-controlled universe and maybe that is OK.

John Shearer/GettyImages

We can all now be sure that the earth spins around but likely the rotation of the globe is doing so to the beat of a Taylor Swift song. Ms. Swift is everywhere and everything all at once, and let's just hope she loves attention because people cannot avoid new news about her and she likely cannot avoid making news. And each week we learn more about Taylor Swift.

For instance, if you live in New York City - the same NYC where Taylor lives! - you might have caught a glimpse of her hanging out on the tow with friends Selena Gomez and Brittany Mahomes this past weekend. The pressure it must be to have to choose what to wear before she goes to a restaurant must be immense for Taylor Swift. The knowledge that as soon as she opens her door someone is probably going to take her photo must be both creepy and interesting.

And how must Selena Gomez feel? She's a huge star herself but is overshadowed by the megawatt power of Swift. We all are.

Taylor Swift is master of the universe

This includes Swift's boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who couldn't avoid a Swift question even while he was preparing to play a game in Germany on Sunday. During a pre-game press conference, Kelce was asked where Taylor Swift was and if she was in Germany. Kelce responded, "I got to see her last week. That’s the latest status (in the relationship). I’m gonna keep my personal relationship personal."

I'm sure Travis Kelce is a nice guy, but even he should eventually tire of being asked questions before a game about the person he is dating and then say, "Travis, how many passes do you think you will get from Patrick Mahomes this week?" Kelce earns a decent living playing football. However, few people make Taylor Swift money.

Perhaps the most ridiculous news surrounding Swift this week was how long people have been camped out ahead of her performances in Buenos Aires, Argentina this week. She plays there November 9 through 11. But at least one fan has been camped out for five months already in anticipation of getting a close-up view of the pop icon.

According to Variety via Pitchfork, one anonymous fan she has basically been living a double life for five months. Said the Swiftie, "We’ve been in this tent for five months. I usually tell my dad I’m at a park drinking mate with somebody, or visiting a friend of mine who lives near the stadium."

I get being a fan of someone, but hopefully even Taylor Swift doesn't want her fans losing control of their lives. I just hope the concert is all that one fan hopes it will be. In other words, even more life-changing.

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