Taylor Swift gets a ridiculously sparkly birthday gift from the Kansas City Chiefs

The megastar's birthday was last week.
Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Several reports had predicted that Taylor Swift was going to get something shiny and expensive for her birthday last week, but the reports were mostly incorrect. What was seemingly expected was for Swift to get an engagement ring from her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. That did not appear to transpire, though maybe Swift and Kelce are just keeping that a secret as is, of course, their right.

But Taylor Swift did get something very shiny from Chiefs' owners, the Hunt family, though the exact color of what was in the sparkly box given to her by the family has not yet been revealed. What we do know is that Swift received a microphone purse from Judith Leiber Couture. Sounds like something you might get your niece, but the one given to Swift is likely a bit more expensive.

Judith Leiber Couture produces three such purses and each one glistens. The purse can be silver, gold, or black Hematite. And they retail for $4,995 on the company's website or at Nieman Marcus.

Taylor Swift gets some bling from the Kansas City Chiefs

(By the way, while that is an expensive gift, that amount of money is likely just pocket money for Taylor Swift. She was doling out $50,000 bonuses to truck drivers helping on her Eras tour. Are the Kansas City Chiefs saying Swift is worth only one-tenth to them what truck drivers are worth to Swift? Yes, I am joking.)

Swift was in the Boston area on Sunday watching Travis Kelce and his Chiefs play the New England Patriots. The Chiefs won 27-17 because they are good and the Patriots are a sad hallow reflection of how good they had been for most of two decades before a few years ago. Swift viewed the game from the press box next to quarterback Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany.

This makes me wonder what Brittany got from the Kansas City Chiefs. It better not have been nothing or there should be a real problem.

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