Taylor Swift rumor: Travis Kelce to propose on Swift's birthday

One report has Kelce set to propose to Swift this week.
Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

According to Life and Style Magazine, Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, could propose to her on her birthday which just happens to be on December 13. Kelce has arranged for an intimate dinner where he might use the opportunity to pop the big question. Will she say "yes"? Why wouldn't she?

Several reports have said that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce already are living together, mostly at Kelce's massive house in Kansas, close to where the Chiefs play their home games. She travels to watch him play in games every chance she has, and Kelce traveled recently to Brazil to watch Swift perform in concert.

Swift and Kelce appear to have dated less than a year, so one could rightfully ask if the two know each other well enough to decide they want to try to be together forever. Swifties have followed Swift through several breakups, though admittedly those breakups have brought some pretty good art into the world in the form of Taylor Swift's songs. Maybe her happiness with Travis Kelce means her songs worsen (I joke).

Might Travis Kelce propose Taylor Swift this week?

The other part of this is that while Life and Style claim to have gotten their information about the private dinner from an "insider," why would Swift and Kelce allow an "insider" to spill the proverbial beans on any impending proposal? Doesn't leave much drama for Swift to say "yes" or "no," does it?

Plus, let's be honest. While being a huge fan of Taylor Swift, or Travis Kelce, or the Kansas City Chiefs is great, do we really want to be so into Swift and Kelce's lives that we know the intimate details of when he might propose to her? That feels a little stalkerish and creepy.

Maybe we should just let them be human beings while we enjoy her musical work and his play on the football field. We can wish them happiness, as we should wish happiness on most people. But let's let them share their quiet moments by themselves.

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