Taylor Swift goes to college in an odd way

Swifties might have to enroll in college to learn more about the pop queen.
Buda Mendes/TAS23/GettyImages

Can't get enough of Taylor Swift? That is OK as you are not alone. Seemingly most of the world as we know it needs more Taylor Swift in their lives. There are likely tribes in the Amazon that have not ever been seen who are dancing 'round to 1989 (Taylor's Version).

Of course, we recently had great news announced that Swift's Eras Tour concert film will be coming to various streaming services on her birthday, December 13. The film has already far eclipsed the box office numbers of every other concert film in the history of, well...movies. But now you can rent the movie over and over while you lounge at home.

But what you cannot do at home is take college courses on Swift. I mean, maybe you could take online classes, but it's unclear if those are being offered in 2024. Two universities are offering in-person Taylor Swift courses in 2024, though, among the many other colleges that already do.

You might want to go to college to learn more about Taylor Swift

One of the two new schools offering Taylor Swift-themed classes is the University of Florida which is going to have a course called "Musical storytelling with Taylor Swift and other iconic female artists." The class is led by Melina Jimenez. The course focuses on four female musical artists. Besides Swift, the list includes Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin, and Billie Holiday.

The other school offering new Taylor Swift classes is the esteemed Harvard. The course is called, simply, "Taylor Swift and Her World." To be fair, the class could have been called, "Taylor Swift the World She Allows Us to Share with Her." The Harvard course is led by professor, poet, and critic Stephanie Burt. According to Harvard's website, Burt is a long-time Swiftie herself.

Other colleges that offer Taylor Swift classes include Ghent University in Belgium, the University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, Berklee College of Music, the University of California at Berkeley, Arizona State, New York University, and Stanford. Surely you live near one of those schools, right? You might want to enroll.

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