Taylor Swift could really help these three NFL teams

The Taylor magic could be used for some other teams.
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The Kansas City Chiefs are normally a pretty good NFL team even without Taylor Swift watching, but 2023 is a bit different. When Swift shows up to watch boyfriend, and Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce play, Kansas City is 4-1. But with Swift, the team is only 4-3.

Of course, the last time Swift was in the audience for a Chiefs game was this past weekend when Taylor Swift traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin only to watch the Packers defeat the Chiefs 27-19. Maybe that is just a one-off loss and Swift is not a distraction. There is no argument that she is because, as I said, the Chiefs win more when she is in attendance than where she is not.

Kelce appears to do just as well with her at the games, too. Against the Packers, he caught 4 of his 5 targets for 81 yards. He did not score a touchdown, however. Sunday's game was the first game Taylor Swift was able to watch the Packers in person since October 22, but maybe Swift's magic was offset by all-time great Simone Biles (her husband plays for the Packers) also being at the game. Still, here are three teams that could use some Taylor Swift mojo.

Taylor Swift could help the Seattle Seahawks

OK, first of all, I do not mean to imply that Swift should break up Travis Kelce and start dating different players on different teams. That would be creepy and weird. But maybe Swift could become close friends with some players and show up to their games to cheer them on and sprinkle some magic dust on those players' teams.

The Seattle Seahawks could certainly use Swift's help. The team began 3-1 but has sunk to 6-6 and is currently sitting outside the playoff picture. By getting a couple of Swift-aided victories, the team could make a playoff run making the 12s wildest dreams come true. Plus, a Taylor Swift and Seahawks receiver Tylor Lockett friendship would make sense as both appear to be good people who give freely to charities.

The Dallas Cowboys could use some Taylor greatness

The Cowboys are 9-3, sure, but the only team they have beaten with a winning record so far is the Seahawks and Seattle was 6-5 heading into the game. Plus, a Seahawks offense that was struggling scored 35 points against what was supposed to be a good Dallas defense. Dallas is just 3-3 away from their home stadium.

Of course, a big problem for Taylor Swift cheering on the Cowboys is that Travis Kelce's brother, Jason, plays for the Cowboys rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Surely, Swift would not want to cause any bad blood between Travis and Jason. So maybe Swift rooting for the Cowboys is not all that logical.

Taylor Swift could help the Miami Dolphins

The last time the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl was 1974, so nearly 50 years ago. That is a long time for one of the league's most beloved franchises to go without a championship. But Miami is 9-3 this year and very good offensively.

Plus, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel looks more like a math teacher than a football coach so it might be refreshing if post-game at the Super Bowl McDaniel is addressing reporters than some coach like mumbler Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots. A big issue for Taylor and Travis, though, is that the Dolphins are in the same conference as the Chiefs and could be battling it out for a Super Bowl spot deep in the playoffs. Plus, Taylor Swift would not want to be some kind of anti-hero to Chiefs fans by bringing good vibes to the Dolphins.

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