Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce dating? Jason Kelce says yes

Taylor Swift must have quite the life when every move she makes people are watching.
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How famous does a person have to be that everyone they date then becomes famous as well? Such is the life of Taylor Swift. At least if the rumors are true, her latest boyfriend is also pretty well-known already. Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, is one of the best tight ends in American football (otherwise known as the NFL, of course), and Kelce has been rumored to be dating Swift. T-Swift and T-Kelce, is it a thing?

According to Jason Kelce, Travis's brother and also a pretty excellent NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles, he believes that Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce are, in fact, dating. How weird must it be for two famous people to go out? Where do they go on dates? How do they hide away for stolen moments? I am glad I don't have to figure that out.

At least both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift seem to know a champion when they see one. Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs have won two Super Bowls, including last year's, and Swift breaks records every day, it seems, with album sales. She also can't stop winning awards, like sweeping all her categories at the most recent MTV Video Music Awards.

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dating?

Of course, we here at AudioPhix aren't a gossip site, but when it comes to Taylor Swift, all bets are off the table. To not comment on all things Taylor seems wrong. She is the most popular entertainer on earth right now, so comment we must.

Swift as claimed to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan in the past, however. She originally is from Pennsylvania. Jason Kelce plays center for the Eagles. Maybe he is just adding to the rumors about Taylor and Travis as a way of getting back at Travis for the Chiefs beating the Eagles in last season's Super Bowl knowing that Taylor is really an Eagles fan too?

These kinds of things happen when people are famous. And then we common people comment on them. Like this article.

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