Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade: What we know

The Chiefs will have a parade to celebrate their Super Bowl victory but will Taylor Swift be there?
Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs are once again Super Bowl champions. The team won their second straight championship this past weekend, their third in five years. The team and the city of Kansas City will hold a parade on Wednesday to celebrate the victory. But what many people might want to know is whether Taylor Swift will be part of the parade.

Swift's boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce, clearly will be part of the parade as he is an important part of the team. Could Swift be on a float with Kelce as the team swerves through the city's streets? That would make sense.

In fact, having Swift involved in the parade causes even more of a security issue. Sure, the Chiefs are the height of the NFL but Swift is the most popular entertainer in the world. It is honestly a bit sad that having Taylor Swift at the parade causes more security concerns because people are weird and can be dangerous.

Taylor Swift should have time for the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade

The parade is set to start at 11 am CT (12 pm ET, obviously) and end around 12:45 pm CT. A victory rally will then begin at Union Station in Kansas City as soon as the parade is done. The mayor and the Kansas City police are prepared for a Taylor Swift presence, but they know as much as anyone else does at this point as far as Taylor Swift being involved.

That is, they do not know. If Swift wants to be next to Kelce on the Chiefs parade, she seemingly can be. Her next concert is not until Friday in Hungary. She will have plenty of time to leave Missouri for Hungary and prepare for the concert.

The question of whether she is in the parade might simply come down to how much Kelce wants her to be there. Both should know she is going to take attention away from the team. Swift might not want to do that but Kelce could take her into an appearance.

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