Taylor Swift: Singer donates to Tennessee Emergency Response Fund and grows oranges

Swift donated a hefty amount to help those affected by recent tornadoes in middle Tennessee.
Buda Mendes/TAS23/GettyImages

Taylor Swift is originally from Pennsylvania and lives in New York and other places now (potentially with boyfriend Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs at his estate in Kansas), but in between she has lived in Nashville, Tennessee. This was when she was still an up-and-coming country singer trying to earn her wings. She clearly still has a fondness for middle Tennessee as well.

Plus, I should throw in the fact that Taylor Swift seems to be a good and generous person willing to do what she can to help others. Just ask the truck drivers on her current Eras tour whom she gifted with $50,000 bonuses. But Swift did something this week that was even more generous.

This past Saturday, tornados ripped through middle Tennessee affecting Nashville and parts just outside the city. Six people, including children, passed away in the storms. To assist affected families, Taylor Swift has made a donation of $1 million to the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, according to USA Today.

Taylor Swift News: Helping those in need and keeping a conservatory

According to the USA Today website, the foundation supports nonprofits that help provide assistance when disasters occur, some of the services include short-term recovery and long-term recovery. You can also donate, if you so wish, by going to cfmt.org. After all, be more like Taylor Swift and, if you have the means, donate money to help people in need.

In other less important news about the megastar, according to Yahoo! Entertainment Swift is renovating her London home. One of the more interesting bits about the home, however, is that it has an orangery. This also acts as a conservatory for the fruit trees.

Oranges are not exactly native to London, so being able to grow them is special. Also, maybe Swift simply loves her oranges. They are full of Vitamin C and help keep a person healthy, after all.

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