Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are waiting on same Kansas City Chiefs news

Swift might need to know some important dates about Kelce.
Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has a completely different schedule than his girlfriend Taylor Swift. Swift, of course, is the most popular entertainer on earth currently but that keeps her busy for most of the calendar year. While Kelce has to do team workouts in the offseason, his main priorities of playing in games last from September into February.

During the 2023 NFL season, football fans and Swifties got used to seeing Swift hanging out at different Chiefs' games and cheering on Kelce. She seemingly made as many games as she could, so much so that even NFL broadcasts began to show her a little less as the novelty of her being in attendance. Still, we can assume that Swift is going to go to a lot of Chiefs' games in 2024 as well.

The question is when will the Chiefs play and we do not know that yet, at least not exactly. We do know that Kansas City will host the first game of the 2024 season on Thursday, September 5. What is not known is who KC will play that day.

Taylor Swift will know soon when she can watch Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs

The reason Taylor Swift cannot quite yet make plans around Travis Kelce's schedule is that the NFL has not yet released the schedule for this coming season. The good part for Swifties and football fans is that the league appears set to release the schedule on Wednesday, May 15. So does it appear Swift will make a lot of games?

The hopeful answer is yes. Swift's Eras tour takes a break from August 20 until November 14. Even after Swift returns in November, her tour will be taking her across North America where the Chiefs play, of course. Only one concert is scheduled for a Sunday (December 8 in Vancouver, Canada) and that is the day when Kansas City will play most of their games. The team could also play on a random Thursday or Monday as well.

Currently, however, Swift will know when she can try to make the Chiefs' game as soon as May 15 and her schedule should allow her to make most of them. This should make Kelce happy and Swift, too. Non-Swifties might want to start wording their complaints to the broadcast teams of NFL games soon because it looks like we will likely be seeing a lot of Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs games in 2024.

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