Ted Nugent says the dumbest thing about Taylor Swift and her success

Nugent found a way to insult Swift and music fans everywhere.
Buda Mendes/TAS23/GettyImages

Ted Nugent will not care what I have to say here, and that is his right. But it should be known that I don't care much about what Ted Nugent has to say. That is until he says something quite ludicrous about Taylor Swift and music fans everywhere.

That's right. Recent comments made by the aging has-been not only disparage Taylor Swift but people who listen to music in general. Thankfully, since no one listens to Nugent's music anymore, he might not have actually offended anyone he knows.

Nugent has rarely ever been relevant, of course. He had some popularity in the 1970s but he does not have the ability to make creative music. Instead, he stands behind his politics and does live shows where he likes to do things such as wear Native American headdresses and shoot arrows into speakers. Sure, it's silly and (hopefully) meant to be comical, but there is no artistic expression to it.

Ted Nugent goes low in insulting Taylor Swift and music fans in general

Maybe Nugent doesn't care about artistic expression either. The issue is that he somewhat works (poorly) in an artistic medium. Creativity is a good thing, though he suffers in that area. That doesn't stop him from insulting music lovers who listen to others, however, especially Taylor Swift.

Speaking on something called The Joe Pags Show, Nugent said, "I’m afraid the success of Taylor Swift, and God bless her work ethic, God bless her musical dreams, but that’s cartoon music. I mean, it doesn’t have any p**s and vinegar...It’s all poppy nonsense as far as I’m concerned, and it’s the most popular stuff in the world, which is an indictment to the music industry and music fans."

So there it is. Because more people like Taylor Swift more than Ted Nugent (and honestly, that would be the logical choice of most mentally healthy people), Nugent thinks fans are stupid. I'm not quite sure about the "p**s and vinegar" comment. Nugent's music doesn't have that either. He is thinking more of real musicians such as Tool instead of his wanna-be guitar playing.

Here is the bit Nugent doesn't seem to understand. It is OK to like different kinds of music and it is OK that other people like different kinds of music. A person could like Nugent and Taylor Swift at the same time, but, of course, what does Nugent really have to offer?

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