Tool slams a Canadian fan for being too 'American'

James Maynard Keenan got really ticked off at a fan at a recent gig in Canada.
Taylor Hill/GettyImages

If you have never seen Tool in concert - and you should because they are fantastic - then you should know the band really cracks down, to the best it can, on not allowing any cell phone use until the very last song.

When I saw the band recently in Knoxville, Tennessee, we were very closely watched by stadium attendants and there was a very good chance a person would be expelled if they were seen more than once with their phone out. This was even before the opening act had come out. Though I am not exactly sure what anyone would have been filming at that point.

At a recent gig in Canada, one fan appears to have really miffed singer James Maynard Keenan. According to a reddit user, and multiple media reports validating the account's report, Keenan was as upset by the fan's use of the flashlight on the phone being beamed at him as much as any attempt at filming the concert. But let's be real, why would anyone need their flashlight on at a concert to film it?

Tool's James Maynard Keenan rightfully chastises fan for phone use

So when Keenan, in between lyrics, scolded the fan, the person had it coming. Don't film, first of all, but if you do, be smart enough to turn the light off. Keenan reportedly addressed the fan this way:

"Take the light off d******d...Take the light off...Don't be American...Turn it off d******d!"

Nice! James Maynard Keenan got to insult one country while chastising a fan who I assume lives in a different one. But the Tool singer isn't wrong. Fans pay good money to go see the band live and if someone has some grimy video clip of the concert, it basically ruins the experience of being at the concert.

Plus, just put the phone away. Enjoy life but pay attention to the show with a wide view instead of some small screen of a phone. Let's hope Tool can find out who the fan was and he gets banned from future shows.

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