Ten absolutely stunning live albums from the 1970s

What would be in your ten best live albums from the 1970s? There are so many contenders to choose from.

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Looking back again at the 1970s it was an amazing decade for music. Not just for the variety or the many new acts that appeared. It also seems to have produced an astonishing number of great live albums

Capturing a live performance properly on a record is no easy feat. Especially when you consider the technology used was considerably below today's standards. The artist also has to be on top form for the shows being featured in the album. And that's before we even consider the need to somehow replicate the excitement and atmosphere of the live show. 

Surprisingly many live albums from the 1970s have all that in place. Perhaps the extra tech used on later years' live records washed out or lost the real live feeling from recordings. A similar point to the arguments for vinyl over CD or low bit rate streaming. 

Ten of the best live albums from the 1970s

Some bands may have used a live record to capture all their best songs together. Others may have seen it as a way to tick another album off the record company contract list. For a few though, their live album was either a way to launch their music to a wider audience or a pinnacle point in their recording or live career. They often brought success on the Billboard 200 and around the world too.

Having said how many great live albums there were in the 1970s, that means there are almost too many to list here. This article lists ten of the best, in my view anyway, in no particular order.  Inevitably many other top contenders won’t make my list here. Read on and see how many of your favourites are included or missing.