Ten awesome punk rock covers

Cover songs not to be missed.
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“Just Like Heaven” – Dinosaur Jr. (1989)

Original – The Cure (1987)

Punk tackles new wave. Robert Smith’s silky vocals on the original float over the shimmering romance of the music. It’s a lovely pop song. When J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr. get ahold of it, the lovely romance gives way to distorted guitar and a boozy vocal before getting to outright screaming on the bridge. The Cure’s version is perfect for a breezy Saturday afternoon with your sweetheart. Dinosaur’s works better on a Tuesday after midnight with a half-empty bottle of Jack.

“Hurdy Gurdy Man” – Butthole Surfers (1990)

Original – Donovan (1968)

When fans heard Donovan’s original in 1968, they were caught off guard by the distorted guitar (which may or may not have been played by Jimmy Page) and the headfirst dive into psychedelia. When they heard Gibby Hayne’s version a couple of decades later, most were too stunned to know what to think.

“Hurdy Gurdy Man,” with Haynes’ strobe-like vocals pulsing through the entire song, became one of the Butthole Surfers early hallmarks and a concert staple.  It has drones and distortion, squealing guitars, and that insistent piston engine of a vocal that won’t relent. Through it all, Donovan’s original is still hiding somewhere.