Ten brilliant live albums from the 1980s

How did the1980s compare to the 1970s for live music albums? This list of ten great live records released in the 1980s will help you decide.
What are some great live albums from the 1980s?
What are some great live albums from the 1980s? / United Archives/GettyImages
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The 1980s saw quite a change in music after the heady years of the 1970s and the diversity that had. There was certainly plenty of variety in the 1980s, too. But how was this later decade compared to the 1970s when it came to live albums? 

Very strong it seems. The 1980s had many live albums released and many of those are outstandingly good. Some of those are carried forward from the previous decade and released very early in the 1980s. So there is some overlap.

I’ve previously written about ten fantastic live albums from the 1980s. To show that there were plenty of great live alternatives around at the time and lots of variation in style too. Let's look at ten more 1980s live albums that really stood out. I won't list the previous ten again here as they are listed on the link above.

Ten amazing live albums from the 1980s

Scorpions - World Wide Live

Let's start with a superb example of everything a live album should have. This 1985 double album has the German band Scorpions in blistering form and probably at their peak. The band were on tour after releasing their highly popular album from the previous year, Love At First Sting. Six nights of that huge 13 month tour were recorded in the US, France and West Germany for World Wide Live.

Song after song on this album delivers top-quality hard rock and heavy metal. It also delivers great musicianship from the band. That's all matched up with an incredible live atmosphere which stands out on the record. It must surely rank as one of the top live albums of all time, not just of the 1980s.