Ten brilliant live albums from the 1980s

How did the1980s compare to the 1970s for live music albums? This list of ten great live records released in the 1980s will help you decide.
What are some great live albums from the 1980s?
What are some great live albums from the 1980s? / United Archives/GettyImages
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Two rocking live albums released in the 1980s

Styx - Caught In The Act

This album follows on very well from Scorpions live. Styx delivers exactly what you'd want from them on a live album too. Pomp rock arena style with plenty of heavy guitars and the great voice of Dennis DeYoung. Although this record also has an unusual element for a live album.

Caught In The Act came out in 1984. It was recorded live in New Orleans in 1983, although “Music Time” is the exception. That opening track on the double disc was their new single and was recorded separately in the studio. Putting that one aside, the rest of the album is pretty much their greatest hits live. The atmosphere sounds great on the record, as do most of their songs. “Come Sail Away” is a particular favorite from this album.

Jimi Hendrix - Jimi Plays Monterey 

It may seem odd to have a Jimi Hendrix live album in the 1980s. This 1986 release came posthumously and quite sometime after Hendrix made his huge breakthrough at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. The festival gave Jimi and The Experience the exposure and opportunity to make their name in the US. Their entire nine song set from the festival is on this album. 

Of course, it was a tragically short career for Hendrix, so the songs on here are all classics of his time with us. His performance at Monterey was visually stunning with his on stage gestures and of course, his blazing finale as he set fire to his guitar before smashing it to pieces during “Wild Thing”. The short set was also amazing musically, as this album captures so well.