Ten excellent MTV Unplugged albums that were not huge sellers

  • MTV Unplugged albums sold over 80 million copies.
  • The top 15 sellers all sold over 1million copies.
  • Here are ten excellent unplugged albums just below that level, but which are very much the best of the rest.
MTV Unplugged: Bob Dylan
MTV Unplugged: Bob Dylan / Frank Micelotta Archive/GettyImages
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Kiss - Unplugged

This doesn't sound like a natural match. An unplugged set for the electrifying rockers from Kiss. But it works so well in different ways. This was one of three live albums they released in the 1990s but had it’s own place on merit there. Especially with the Kiss reunion that took place soon after, perhaps unplugged had a hand in a reconnection of a different type. 

The band with their latest lineup was invited to do a session for MTV Unplugged and accepted. They decided to go large with their plan for that, even if not with their usual loud extravagant sound. They also stripped right back visually too, cutting out theatricals and the trademark face paint. 

After a great acoustic set, it was revealed that ex-members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss were coming on as guests for a couple of numbers. That was followed by all six current and past members playing live together. Kiss original, new, and mixed together were there for all to see. It heralded a full reunion tour to come.

That background makes it a standout session, but the music and adapted style was also damned good too. They played lesser-known tracks rather than all the hits in this adapted style. It worked out very well for Kiss and their fans on so many levels. 

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