Ten exceptional live albums from the 2000s

The popularity of live albums continued through the 2000s with many brilliantly capturing some amazing performances.
The Killers in concert
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Led Zeppelin - How the West Was Won 

This was the third live record from Led Zeppelin when released in 2003. It came afterThe Song Remains The Same and then BBC Sessions in release timing. But it sits in between those two in recording date terms. All three have the band live at their early 1970s peak. How The West Was Won features the band on two June 1972 dates in California. 

The Song Remains The Same has mixed reviews and multiple versions but still leaves listeners divided. How The West Was Won gets much more warmth and respect, perhaps that's down to Jimmy Page’s hand in compiling it. By selecting and mixing the best elements from the two shows Page may have disrupted the true flow and sequence of the sets. But he has been able to build a quite stunning musical view of the band at that time. 

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Spread out over a triple album there is room for long songs and the way they expanded live, like a 23-minute brilliant version of “Whole Lotta Love” with diversions into old-time rock and roll covers and a complete “Stairway To Heaven”. Those fit alongside another 16 songs, all classics from the band. The superb John Bonham drum-led “Rock and Roll” is a personal favorite.

This is the Led Zeppelin live album which usually features most often and highest in the many best live album lists. It has the backing of Jimmy Page and it’s a real positive and memorable blast to listen to. The BBC Sessions album is a great listen for an early sample of the band, but this is an excellent ‘live at their prime’ album. 

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