Ten incredibly disappointing albums from the 1990s

Ever listened to an album and wished it hadn't been released?
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Chris Gaines/Garth Brooks – The Life Of Chris Gaines

There is an embarrassment factor to this odd album which makes you think it ought to be regretted. Back in 1999, Chris Gaines appeared as a new artist from Australia with a rock album, The Life Of Chris Gaines, to promote. It was actually US country music star Garth Brooks in a new character as Chris Gaines. Had that been a more open story ahead of a planned documentary film, it may have all worked out better.

Instead, some saw it as Brooks in a poor wig, lots of slapped-on make up, and a seeming refusal to admit the character switch. He hosted Saturday Night Live as Brooks and made a guest appearance as Gaines, but didn’t acknowledge what was happening. That left viewers and especially Brooks fans pretty confused by the whole thing. 

The album suffered as a result, perhaps weighed down by production and promotional costs of around $20m. Sales were low, only around 2 million, despite a couple of charting singles in the US. “Lost In You” from the album made the top five, Brooks' best single in the US Billboard 100, even if it was under a different name.

You'd think Brooks might want to keep a low profile now where Gaines is concerned. But in 2021 he indicated more music and content from the supposed Aussie rocker would follow. It hasn’t yet, maybe someone has had a sensible word.