Ten ridiculously superb MTV Unplugged albums

Can you name the top ten albums from the amazing MTV Unplugged series? Some may be an easy guess, but others might surprise you. 
Alice In Chains on MTV Unplugged
Alice In Chains on MTV Unplugged / Frank Micelotta Archive/GettyImages
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Eighth and seventh on the top ten unplugged list

No. 8 - Mana: Mana MTV Unplugged - 2.37m

This might surprise a few readers as Mana won’t be as well known as other artists listed here. They are though pretty huge in Latin American music terms, probably the most successful such band. Mana hails from Mexico and is known for their pop rock with a Latin style. 

They recorded their MTV special in Miami in 1998 with the album being released the next year. It was very popular and earned a Best Latin Pop Album Grammy nomination. Mana MTV Unplugged went on to be a high seller across Latin America and especially in Mexico. Over 700k copies sold in the US get added in to take the total even higher and help earn the band eighth place here. 

No. 7 - Bryan Adams: Unplugged - 2.6m

MTV certainly made some great choices when booking artists for this series. Bryan Adams was another inspired choice. At the time this was recorded in New York in 1997 Adams had seven studio albums behind him and a 1988 live album. That's an extensive back catalog of great songs and plenty of hits to draw on. He managed to include three new songs and chose wisely in terms of which to drop from the set too.

Adams is also another artist whose music lends itself very well to the format. Some great work from him on the arrangements of those plus superb orchestrations from Michael Kamen make this an excellent album. Adams also brought a Celtic touch to some songs with Davy Spillane playing uilleann pipes on them. A unique touch and sound to add in.

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