Ten tribute songs to athletes for fans of every sport

Sometimes music and sports can work well and when it does it is pure magic.
Venus Williams at Wimbledon 2008
Venus Williams at Wimbledon 2008 / Simon M Bruty/GettyImages
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You may not be aware, but Vickie and Davey are celebrating 25 years of married bliss this July 4th. I have not gotten my invite to whatever celebration these kids are planning, but I’m sure it’s an oversight. My mail has been sporadic of late.

In case you weren’t around 25 years ago, their wedding was a pretty big deal. That’s what happens when a star Man U middie marries a Spice Girl. This was back when the Spice Girls were still a group and Man U was still a feared football club. Ah, how the times have changed.

But not for Victoria and David Beckham. They are still together, defying the odds against celebrity relationships. When it’s a musician and an athlete, history suggests a rocky road. Ask J. Lo. and A. Rod. Or Shakira and Gerard Pique. Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert made it through 10 years before splitting up late last year.

Ten great tribute songs to athletes

Now, I have heard whispers about a certain high-profile singer and a star NFL player who have been keeping company of late, but I would hate to spread gossip. So I will leave that one alone.

Back to the Beckhams and their 25 years of wedded bliss. It got me thinking about the nexus between music and sports. They intersect in a lot of ways. Today, in honor of the Beckhams’ silver anniversary, I will honor them the best way I know how.

With a song list. I’m calling this one “ten great songs about athletes.” I think the name is fairly self-explanatory.

I’m spreading the wealth by choosing ten different sports. There have been plenty of songs about baseball players, but I’m just picking the one I like the most. And I am not picking anything from the world of American football. I know...I’m surprised too. It’s just that when I gathered up my candidates, I had songs from ten other sports I liked better.

The songs, with one possible exception, put the athlete at the center. Hip-hop artists are fond of name-dropping Kobe, Michael, or Tom Brady into a verse, whether they have anything to do with the song or not. None of those songs are included here.

Well, you’ll see what I mean…