Tenacious D remakes Wicked Game and makes a must-see video

Scott Legato/GettyImages

Tenacious D has always been able to accomplish two things that few others can do as well: Making fun of themselves and making some crazy good music. What gets missed by the passive listener is simply how good Kyle Gass is on the guitar and Jack Black is at singing. I mean, seriously. If Jack Black could be the frontman of your band wouldn't you be happy with that?

In fact, Tenacious D are so good that they have been able to play lots of festivals and concerts and that has nothing to do with Gass and Black as actors. Their band rocks (and you should see them live). They deserve to be heard.

Tenacious D released their first album in 2001 and 22 years later they are still relevant enough to headline the All IN Music and Arts Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana (hence the capitalization part of "IN" with the festival name) in early September. Do they have a new album out? Nope. The duo is just so fun and makes good enough music for people in charge of festivals to be like, "Yep, we want the D!"

Tenacious D's cover of Chris Isaak will make your day better

Which brings me to the point of this article. Tenacious D like doing covers and they have a new version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" out which you can both stream and watch. The song isn't nearly as long as Isaak's original (4:06 for Isaak and under 2 minutes for Tenacious D) but the jist of the song Tenacious D nails. Plus, the video honors the original iconic Isaak video while also allowing the band to be a goof.

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Both videos take place on a beach, both have two people and well...That's about where the similarities end. In fact, the Tenacious D video is so enjoyable that you don't even have to watch the Isaak original to like the Tenacious D cover. Plus, the smile on Jack Black's face at the end will brighten your day, guaranteed.