Three completely overrated bands from the 1970s

Three 1970s bands you should not be listening to today.

Music waves ebb and flow - New Wave good, disco bad, for instance - but great bands last forever. For every Rolling Stones, there is a Donna Summer. Looking forward to that new Donna Summer album in 2005 as much as the new Rolling Stones record? I think not.

This is because while some musical artists are popular in their day, they don't consistently offer long-lasting happiness and shamelessness as much as say, listening to the Andy Gibb was nice in 1978 but horrific in 2023. Does anyone claim a love for the music of Andy Gibb now? No. But the love of Little Richard songs would still be a huge "Yes!"

And it's fine. It's OK. Once you were an Eagles fan until you saw the light and heard Tom Waits correctly say, "Their albums are good for keeping the dust off your turntable and that’s about all."

Three ridiculously overrated bands of the 1970s

The Eagles

The Eagles are one of those quintessential bands that are unlikely to pop up in any other era. They combined rock and country and California and produced music that would not inspire many of the bands you probably listen to today. They are sonically underwhelming and their lyrics are too overreaching to make a real emotional connection to. At best, they should be background noise while you are having a colonoscopy, though the colonoscopy might be more fun than listening to the Eagles.

Fleetwood Mac

Speaking of music you might now hear on the oldies station over the speaker system of your local doctor, Fleetwood Mac will put you to sleep. That's why you might hear their music in doctor's offices because it might help you relax out of boredom before some major medical procedure.

Their best-selling album, Rumours, is mostly a bunch of songs about the band's interpersonal relationships and breakups. How nice - and extremely self-serving and with a great belief of self-importance - the band is to share their feelings with us about their own problems. Fleetwood Mac is basically the General Hospital of rock music just without the cleverness a soap opera on TV is capable of. (Just writing that sentence feels like a disrespect to soap operas.)

Bee Gees

The song "How Deep is Your Love" (seriously, what a silly name for a song and so 1970s) should have truly been called "Watch Me Hit the High Note at the Beginning." The Bee Gees are to music what sugar is to diabetes. Only music is good and diabetes is bad. And the Bee Gees are awful.

Plus, the Bee Gees had to know they were part of a wave of music called disco that was harmful to human beings, right? Maybe the 18 brothers of the Gibb family should be jailed for the crimes against us?

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