Three fantastic bands tipped for greater success in 2024

These three bands could make it really big in 2024.

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Cardinal Black

This band from Wales is on the up for sure. They have already taken a full house at the Royal Albert Hall by storm with an outstanding performance late in 2022. Cardinal Black has an excellent combination of rock, soul, blues, and a touch of gospel in their songs. 

The band has a fabulous lead singer Tom Hollister who has an amazing voice and tone. And they have an astounding lead guitarist Chris Buck who brings fantastic licks and solos to their music. Sam Williams on bass and Adam Roberts on drums make for a great sound all around.

They have been gigging regularly for a couple of years now in this lineup. There’s an interesting back story of three of the band heading to the US in 2010 to make an album, but breaking up instead. Now reformed with Sam Williams in the rank, they are aiming high once again. 

The Royal Albert Hall appearance was as support to Peter Frampton, who was pretty impressed by the band and Buck’s guitar playing. Buck was named Best New Guitarist In The World 2019 by Guitarist Magazine. A pretty good endorsement and well deserved. 

Cardinal Black’s first album January Came Close was released in October 2022. It’s very impressive for a debut. Have a listen to the powerful “Rise Up” or “Tell Me How It Feels” as a couple of great examples of what they have to offer. 

A second album is on its way very soon. The band has announced they’ll be touring it with UK gigs from October onwards. Before then there are three US gigs lined up in July. I’d reckon the summer months gap is there to allow for a few festival appearances and perhaps some well-earned time off too.