Three fantastic bands tipped for greater success in 2024

These three bands could make it really big in 2024.
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Last Dinner Party

This indie band from the UK has been getting rave reviews so far. They got together in 2021 and have been picking up a few awards already. That includes one real of the Brit awards Raye didn't get her hands on, the Rising Star Award for 2024. Similar recognition has come from Rolling Stone UK and as winners of  BBC Sound Of 2024. 

Their debut album Prelude To Ecstasy came out last month and has already topped the UK album charts. Their first single, “Nothing Matters” from April 2023 was a top twenty UK hit. Tour dates since then have been selling out fast and the band is, as those awards and sales suggest, getting noticed even more.

Their music is indie-based, but so many different styles are evoked when you listen to the album. It’s very polished, sharply written, and well-produced. An opening track with orchestral instrumentation doesn’t happen often on an indie debut. It adds to the band and the album’s theatrical style.

The Last Dinner Party’s own claims of being influenced by David Bowie all make sense. There are hints of him, Sparks, Roxy Music, and perhaps Kate Bush too.  Guitarist Emily Roberts from the band previously filled the Brian May role-playing in a Queen tribute band. You can hear some of that has carried on through too. 

The band plays in Mexico mid-March then tour the US and Canada through until late April. That’s followed by dates in Europe, back to the US, and then the UK running until October. There’s likely to be a great chance to see them live amongst those gigs, though there are a few sell-out dates appearing on the tour listing online. They could turn out to be a huge act for sure.